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Service Project: Rosalind’s Adventure – Shakespeare for Girls

Rosalind’s Adventure: Shakespeare for Girls

Inspired by the Viola Project in Chicago, Rosalind’s Adventure is a series of performance based workshops for middle school and high school girls, where they will learn to speak the speech, go once more into the breech, and give up their kingdom for a horse. Named for one of Shakespeare’s kick butt cross-dressing heroines, Rosalind’s Adventure is an exciting way for girls to explore whomever they want to be, unbound by race, gender, or age — from Lady Macbeth to Hamlet.

Have a deep love of Shakespeare? Want to volunteer? Please contact Andie Arthur at andie.arthur@gmail.com. If you have specific qualifications (such as experience teaching stage combat or if you have spent a decade grappling with the text of Cymbeline), please let her know — so we can best use your gifts.

Our first workshop will be at the Ft. Lauderdale Children’s Theatre on Saturday March 17th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.