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Rachel Sabbath Prayer: Mothers Day 2012

The Rachel Sabbath is a weekend of learning and prayer and commitment to community action for global maternal health. To learn more about the Rachel Sabbath, or help out, click here for the Religious Institute.

A Prayer for the Rachel Sabbath 2012

Lover of Life strengthen us in our reverence for life and our care for those who bear new life, who bring us the present and the future. On this Mothers Day weekend, let us give thanks for those who brought us into the world, and thanks for those who raised us, thanks for our parents whether blood or adopted or chosen, thanks for those who mentored and supported and sustained us in good times and in ill. Let us give thanks and with our thanksgiving reach out to help one another in raising this new generation, in bearing each other up and on as some among us bear children. Let us remember those who are mothers in dire circumstances, those who struggle to parent, those who struggle for life, and in our remembering, may we recommit ourselves to their care, their health, and their friendship. Lover of Life we have so many blessings to give thanks for, and so many more blessings to care for, grow, and share. On this Mothers Day may we bring blessings to the bearers of life, to the caregivers and caretakers, the blessings of health and help, friendship and care, on this day and in every day of our lives. Amen.