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8 Nights of Hanukkah Blessings for Interfaith Families & Multifaith Communities

Hanukkah sweeps in tonight inviting all of us living in interfaith families and multicultural communities to honor the light shining boldly from each window, declaring a house of faith, a house dedicated and committed to the Holy, a house living and thriving in Jewish wisdom.

We need fortitude, forbearance, and fierce compassion to live in healthy interfaith families and multicultural communities. We need to be dedicated to the sources of wisdom, faith, and culture that vivify and guide each and all of us in reverence and faithfulness. There is no room for smashing the temple, desecrating the sacred, or dishonoring and denying what calls us to serve in steadfast love, humbly, and for merciful justice.


In addition to the traditional blessings each night when lighting the menorah, we may also choose to add another blessing – the blessings we choose each day in loving interfaith families, the blessings we choose to create in healthy multicultural communities. These additional eight blessings are offered in that spirit, as we turn again in dedicating ourselves to the Holy this Hanukkah.

1st Night

Blessed are You, Beloved, Keeper of the Whole, Creator of this marvelous and diverse world! You bless us with our differences, teaching us each day to choose wisely and preserve what is good. Blessed are You and your bearing us to this time together!

2nd Night

Blessed are You, Holy One, who creates a way where none has been before, a way of hope, a way of turning, a way of steadfast love with all peoples. May we light this way with you, miracle by miracle, wonder by wonder.

3rd Night

Blessed are You, Beloved, who make us part of your story, keepers of your commandments, builders of your way of steadfast love.

4th Night

Blessed are You, Holy One, who gives us every good and wonderful gift, including the gift of this family, this diverse and miracle-filled world.

5th Night

Blessed are You, Beloved, who offers us the blessing of turning back to you, rededicating our hearts each and every day.

6th Night

Blessed are You, Holy One, who has given us the gift of responsibility, the examples of our ancestors, and the health and goodness of this life to tend.

7th Night

Blessed are You, Beloved, who empowers all in your service, for you so blessed Judith and Esther, Ruth and Naomi, Tamar and Deborah, Hagar and Sarah, and so many, many more.

8th Night

Blessed are You, Holy One, Keeper of the Whole, Creator of this marvelous and diverse world. Blessed indeed are the lessons and wonders, the miracles and steadfast love that fruit and feed and blossom in your multicultural, diverse and splendid creation!



May the blessings of Hanukkah inspire us all and turn us in rededication to the service of Steadfast Love.