Bible Study Webinar

Strangers on Holy Ground

The library of the Bible is filled with stories of strangers discovering themselves on holy ground. These strangers find their usual culture turned inside out and upside down. New expectations are shaped, new promises made, and new ways of belonging and being strangers are lived in turbulent and difficult times.

This Bible Study attends these stories of strangers on holy ground in an age of alienation and fear, displacement and mass migration, rapid economic change and instability, and fights about belonging, purpose, and tradition. Our times of dislocation and disruption are times when our stories we live are challenged, too, offering us an opportunity to engage the challenges and be changed with them, living into new stories.

We will wrestle these Biblical stories of strangers on holy ground and share what we meet in ourselves, each other, and the cultures and communities where we live. This is not a Bible Study focused on methods of scholarly Biblical criticism or having a right interpretation. This Bible Study bows before these stories as living texts and holy ground that still offer us something vital as we grapple with the difficulties of dislocation in our world today.

Classes run Sunday, September 25 through Sunday, November 13 (no class Sun. Oct. 9) at  7-8:30pm ET(US).

The class has no fee. Donations are accepted.

We are using Go To Webinar for the class. To receive an invitation to register for the webinar, email Rev. Naomi King at

When not swabbing decks or swilling coffee, the Rev. Naomi King is found engaging the questions of culture, faith, the Bible, and the stories we’re living via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and video. You might also find her knitting, gardening, searching for fossils, or learning her local lizards.

Rev. Naomi King

Agreement for Participation:

  1. I will attend to the text for that week before the class begins.
  2. I will participate in reflection, keeping a written, audio, or video reflection journal each week and participate in the class.
  3. When I reference the Biblical stories, I will also note which translation I am using. All translations are welcome; we willl pay attention to how the stories differ in them.
  4. I will respect my journey and that of others in the class.
  5. I will live humbly in acceptance and recognition that in holy storying, there are many interpretations, not only the one I feel is right or know to be true.
  6. I will engage in spiritual reflection and refrain from scholarly debate.
  7. I will honor my own story and the stories of other participants by not retelling any story but my own outside the class, without the prior permission of the other participants. I will not distribute class materials to others, including recorded class sessions.
  8. I will honor these texts as living stories that have relevance to our lives and faith today.

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2 responses to “Bible Study Webinar

  1. Rev. Brooks Barrick

    What materials or book are you using if you don;t mind sharing?

    • I don’t mind sharing! I’ll be posting the class assignments each week in the public blog. You don’t need any book but The Bible or a translation of the TNKH and a willingness to read, toward the end of the class, some of the Christian Scriptures.

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